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Drawing live, putting it "on the line" for you!

Caricatures ink represents over a dozen talented artists in the Houston area to serve your entertainment needs and has access to hundreds nationwide. Many entertainment agencies call us to provide artists because they know we have the best, always at a reasonable price. One call does it all.

Most of our artists have at least 10 years of solid theme park or live event experience.

Dan is shown here in 1979 choking Bill Hughes who went on to draw comic books
and illustrate books for George Lucas.
Bill drew for the popular "Droid" series and a Star Wars Monster guide.
I was lucky to work with greats like Bill and Nick Polydoros and Jeff Martin
who went on to become a comedy writer and producer. (Letterman, The Simpsons, Boy Meets World.)

Nick likes "Texas Big Hair" but then, who dosen't?
Nick is one of the best caricaturists that I have ever known. It is always an honor to work with him.
He was my instructor, although he swears that I never listened to a word he said.
He's a great guy too. We met in 1977 at Astroworld.

Give us a call to reserve your artist today!

(713) 461-4464
Or e mail Cindy at

The Houston All Star games "Faaaaan Fest!"
That's how the announcer said it all week.

Company picnics and events of all types.

Personality and talent makes your event go smoothly!
We even draw Super heros. William and Jody shown here with Batboy and Supergirl.

Martin drawing pretty girls. What at tough job!

"We can't go on together, with suspicious minds..."
It seems that Sean is not to be trusted, and rightly so!

Our "stage" may be behind us, but we definitely play to the audience.

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for Global Services. The mother of all tradeshows.

We created a "wall of shame" in 3 days.
This was inside an enclosed hospitality space that you had to be invited into.
Important clients who would or could not wait were digitally photographed and drawn later.
Caricatures were framed and in many cases hand delivered by sales reps to maximize the impression.

Dangerous Dan:

Theme parties are fun. We can do costumes. I look durned good in a hat, pilgrim. Wuhh- huhhh!


Cap'n Dan:

My version of a Carribean pirate. Fake hair, but I used to have some just like it.

It's a fake bird too. Ahhh, what does he know? Eveybody's a critic!

Our act is rated "G", not ARRRRRR!
"I bought my earrings at the dollar store.(What did you pay?) A buck an ear!"

I bought them in ARRRRRRkansas!

Feel free to groan. Caricaturists and pirates love good bad jokes.

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