Caricature Gift Illustration:

We paint gift item caricatures in watercolor and brush and ink on a regular basis
for gift items, awards, recognition, retirement, relocation, etc.

There is no set price. Our studio rate is $150 per hour and we try to determine a price based on a conversation and images provided by the client. Our average price is $450 to $600 for most work. Some work gets into the thousands, but some simpler work can be as little as $50 to $150. Our studio minimum charge is $50.

Studio artwork is custom work and the price varies depending on size, complexity,
number of people, and many other factors.

Pretty much anything is possible in the studio, and like most things the more you spend the more you tend to get.

However, if you are on a budget, we can work within it.

All work is subject to state sales tax and framing and matting is available for additional fees.
Expect a two week to a month turnaround.

We can work off of digital or film images, so e mail or regular mail
are the easiest ways to get us the reference we need.


This guy loves his car, these are his favorite restaurants which he will miss in London.
I don't blame him. English food? Steak and kidney pie? Houston does have good eats.


This was created to look like a movie poster, created digitally
and printed out on high quality gloss and framed.
Three copies were made, one for each honoree.

I was glad they went with the transformer idea. It made the illustration much more fun.

This was for some type of corporate presentation.
They created an entire board game and I designed the cards. Fun!

We had to create "the inspector" because there were too many key players.

This was an elaborate job. The client dictated the copy to me. I have no idea what it all means.

This was a quickie for a friends nephew, Tyler.
He likes tennis, Egyptology, snow boarding, boy scouting and video games.
Pretty much of a puzzle. Not really a caricature, but just plain cool.
$50 to $100 per letter depending on the finished style, if you are interested.

These KB Home guys wanted to be the Kings of the Hill. Whatever. It was fun.

A school administrator, smoking' and drinkin' on the job! What else is new?

Actually a pre print for Global Services at the O.T.C. (Offshore Technology Conference).
They wanted all their customers drawn enjoying the "good life". Why not?

"My friends and I" A local musical comedy troupe.

This was a departure from my usual style.
I don't know why, but it is much harder to do simple work.
I think I use detail as a crutch for bad drawing.
We were going for the Hirschfeld / Anna Nicole logo look.
This was also quite a challenge drawing mature women from bad photos.
They loved it.

This was a quickie. When I don't have to to backgrounds it costs less, folks!
It looks kinda cool, too!

Mardi Gras Krewe party. Best Little Krewe in Texas.
I like the movie poster motif.

This family likes the zoo.

Fishing themes are popular here on the Gulf coast.

Lone Star Flight Museum Wing Leader. More of a portrait than a caricature. Fun to paint.

Former Houston Oiler turned businessman, Willie Alexander.
I am told that he loves this painting.
He would not remove it from his office so that I could make a correction.

Financial Surfer Dude, lots of danger in the background. I like bright colors.

A family portrait caricature honoring Grandpa.

This guy likes his cows and his truck. Nothing wrong with that.

An example of a medium budget group caricature.
This was done live and so was a quicker style.
Completed in a four hours in a conference room.

Not the best way to do things, but it gets the job done.

By comparison, this is a high budget job that took me days to complete.

Another example of a budget live style, on location painting.

This guy was being thrown into the Wyoming Brier Patch by "Brer Tiger"
( He really wanted to go.)

He is dressed like a prospector, his college mascot.

Retirement Caricature. Antique cars are so much fun to draw.

This couple was retiring from Houston to their second home in the small town of Splendora.
The lady's name was Loretta. She likes angels. The angel is singing "get back home Loretta"
Whatever makes ya happy is O.K. by me!