About the Artist

Dan Dunn in period costume for his Marilyn Moonroe Cowparade photo shoot.

Currently Dan has been having amazing success with his paintjam show
with literally millions of hits on you tube and yahoo video,
Dan is travelling the world and making appearances at high end events as well as television appearances.
Check out www.paintjam.com for more information.

#1 Question people ask me: "How long have you been doing this?"

30 years. I have been drawing since I was three.

I studied painting at Sam Houston State University.
I am 30 hours short of a degree, I got busy making a living and never was able to go back.
I have completed most of my art requirements.
Nobody has ever asked to see my degree, only my portfolio.

I worked 9 seasons at Six Flags Astroworld theme park in Houston beginning in 1977.
I served as the artist trainer there in my last few seasons.

As a Caricaturist, I have won several national awards Bronze and Silver “Noseys”,
Most Humorous Cartoons
, as well as several other awards.
Caricaturist of the Year Competition, National Caricaturist Network,

I also served as President and Vice President, and competition chairman in past years.
I am one of the founding members of this great organization.

I spent 11 years in the advertising and design business.
I left the ad business in 1989 after being a partner in Daniels, DuPree and Dunn advertising
in The Woodlands, TX. Owning an agency was the final straw for me.
I realized that I was having more fun and making more money with less headache
just drawing nights and weekends a caricaturist.
So why was I chasing this elusive advertising carrot?
I have never regretted following where my dreams have taken me.

Life is much more interesting that way.

I worked 11 years in the advertising business until I formed my current company,
Caricatures ink
, with my wife, Cindy in 1989. I stay busy working events full time.
I work over 200 events and trade shows per year.

I have drawn caricatures for George Bush, Sr., Sting, Jimmy Buffett,
Joe Theisman, Fran Tarkenton, Ray Childress, Former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier,
and the who's who of Houston.

I divide my time between live caricature for events, studio caricature for gift items,
and rehearsing and performing for my paintjam performance art show.
I also practice stand up comedy at open mike night and enjoy singing and playing the guitar.

I have five beautiful children and spend the rest of my time being a Dad, fixing broken stuff.

Theme parties are fun, Pilgrim!
Smile when you sit down!

With Washington Redskins legend, Joe Thiesman.
Back in the mid 80's

That's my boy Patrick at the All Star Fan Fest.
"Peace out, dude!"
In 1995 I was commissioned to do a caricature portrait
of Former President George Bush.
He was very gracious. No matter what your political affiliation,
there are few honors as greatto an American artist than
to paint a President. Thank you Mr. President.

Sometimes I don't exaggerate much and sometimes I do! Pretty girls are always a treat!

Profiles are fast! 16 to 20 drawings per hour.
Frontals look better, but production drops to 10 to 12 per hour.

Color will drop production to 4 to 8 people per hour depending on style and level of finish.
Cartoon bodies slow me down too, but can be fun.

These are some of my friends from the caricature convention.
We draw a bit more extreme for each other, and we LIKE it!