Humorous Illustration and Illustration:

Humorous Illustration is used for advertising, books, marketing.
While it may include caricature, it is more likely cartoon based illustration.

Y2K Bug. Acrylic on canvas. Sold to Heavy Construction Software Systems.
It was a large painting. It took me a solid week to paint.

Houston magazine cover during a mayoral election.


Best Entertainers, Houston Entertainment Agency.


This was for a series of WWII Generals and leaders for a book illustration project.
I had fun with all of these.


A National ad for Full Line Distributors and Fruit of the Loom.


Coffee service postcard.


FabEnCo produced a series of direct mail pieces. "Fractured Fairy Tales".
We won a BMA lantern award for Best Direct Mail Piece in Texas.

Chicken Little was Wrong... But Tasty!

Mary, Mary is not happy with her review...


A computer case for a gamer. Airbrush on the machine.
Sometimes you just take a job because you need the work. This was one of those.


The client insisted on knocking off Ghostbusters. Originally they had a ghost in jail.
I warned them. They did not listen. Paramount noticed it when they were filming GB2 in Houston.
I changed it into a little man. You can still see it around town today.

A rough. The client went a different direction. I thought it was kind of cool.

Here are a few from my heyday as a graphic artist.

Tommy is a friend who is a D.J, Magician, Lion Tamer, Fire Eater, Children's Entertainer.
You name it. He does it. And it's all good!
He also makes an "off the hook" hot sauce. Really!
I threw this together for him recently.

Here is his Web Site:

Jimmy is another good friend. One of the funniest Comedy Magicians I have ever seen.
I don't think he liked this one much. I thought it was funny and cool.

If you want to take a look at his site go to:


From a series of books Pat Springle wrote a few years back.


Another Pat Springle book, capitalizing on the redneck craze. We worked like crazy on this stuff. It never took off.


Part of a book cover for a personality profile for my dear old friend, Ken Voges.
Are you a lion? Otter? Beaver or Labrador Retiever?

I am an otter and a lion if the test is correct. I am not all that industrious or steady.
I have a good time and like red meat.

I used to do a lot of comps like this.

Pet Shampoo that smelled like designer fragrances.

From my days at Daniels, DuPree and Dunn.
I did the logo, typesetting, packaging, everything.
I don't know what I was thinking, but at least it was bold.

Here is Bubba again. This was for a t shirt design.


The obligitory leopard skin bikini girl.